Sovereign Chartbook

Claire Dissaux | December 5, 2018

We are pleased to share our latest Sovereign Chartbook, which produces a sovereign scorecard based on proprietary research. The main themes highlighted are:

  • As global growth slows, fiscal concern is increasingly centred on a restricted number of countries with unorthodox administrations, populist tendencies and / or notable budget imbalances.
  • The fiscal stance is expected to remain neutral in EM, whereas a temporary fiscal boost in the US is set to boost fiscal thrust in developed markets (DM) throughout 2019.
  • Italy’s budgetary show with the EU Commission might lead to the initiation of an Excessive Deficit Procedure and further market pressure.
  • Fiscal space has been used rapidly in China, underscoring both the recent willingness to engineer a soft landing of the economy and lessened ammunition ahead.