Transaction Cost Analysis platform

Do you know the total cost of your FX execution?

Transaction cost analysis

FX execution costs are mostly opaque, and all too often this can lead to high hidden costs and reduced execution quality.

Get full transparency at each stage of the execution process with your FX Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) report.

Transaction cost analysis

Helping you with a free independent Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

FX execution qualityFX execution quality

Access Quality

Audit the quality of your FX execution and demonstrate good governance with your currency execution.

Independent transaction cost analysisIndependent transaction cost analysis


Compare executed price against actual mid-market rate (MID), demonstrating total trade slippage.

Transparent fx executionTransparent fx execution


Safeguard transparency & demonstrate Best Execution by ensuring ongoing comparison of quality execution.

We offer TCA reports to prospective and existing clients

Prospective clients

Your TCA can be used to demonstrate the quantitative benefit of our solution in comparison to your existing execution practice.

Existing clients

We provide you with regular reports to evidence how Best Execution is being achieved via our Multi-bank Marketplace or our Outsourced Execution Services.

Transaction Cost Analysis
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All you need to know about TCAs & cost transparency

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