Multibank FX Marketplace

Centralise your FX activity in one platform

Multibank FX Marketplace

We are independent, transparent and tech-enabled.

Our highly available, scalable and secure platform centralises your FX data across multiple group entities while enabling comparative best execution with a single click.

Designed specifically to help execute, value, reconcile and monitor all your FX transactions in one place.

Multibank FX Marketplace

We are more than just a platform

A secure, simple and transparent FXaaS to save you time and costs by centralising FX execution, settlement, and trade reporting.

Easy, clear & simple to use interface

Real-time reporting with all data stored on the platform

2-factor authentication and multi-level encryption

ISO27001 certified and regular independent penetration tests

Disaster recovery plans in place and regularly tested

Highly available, scalable, and fault-tolerant cloud platform

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FX Execution

Execute directly

Transparently compare streamed rates from up to 15 counterparty banks and execute at the best available rate in notionals up to $100m.

Upload fx execution instructions

Upload instructions

Instruct our execution desk to perform transactions on your behalf to ensure best practice or to access benchmark fixings.

FX execution desk

All you need to know about digitising your FX process

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